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 "Extraordinarily Good Music"     

 FUNCH is scheduled to perform this year in many venues around the world,  see itenary on the page    Upcoming.
Funch, (Yes, derived from his family's sur name) started his musical career at age twelve playing in church and with local bands in his home town of Staunton, VA. He amazed his peers by imitating ,"exactly what the guy on the record does", while improvising and making the songs his own. Borrowing a bass here and there, Funch was eventually able to to work enough engagements to purchase his own instrument.
Playing in school bands, singing in school and church choirs, he was able to become proficient on several instruments, and developed a finely tuned musical ear. After high school he left his home town to join a Washington, D.C. based R&B group,"The Little Royal Show", touring the east coast of the U.S., each week in a different city and country from Montreal to Florida.  What started as a substitute position (his main instrument was the bass) playing piano, he eagerly learned songs for the show in hotel rooms and while riding in cars from state to state. This earned him a permanent position in the show.
After performing on the road with the "Little Royal Show" he served in the U.S.Army, where his talent was recognized. He then became a part of the U.S. Army Special Services in Vietnam, his job was to travel to firebases and entertain troops in the worst of conditions.
After an Honorable Discharge for his service, he joined forces with The star of Broadway,Television, and the classic movie,"Jesus Christ Superstar", Mr. Carl Anderson, touring throughout the world in places such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore ,Thailand, Mexico, and Spain. Booked for concerts, television and radio shows, he remained with Anderson for two years, and collaborated with him for many years to follow.
Becoming more profound as a pianist, bassist, and entertainer, he returned to D.C. to form his own group "Earth Song". During this time he, contracted with world famous composer and creator of "The Hustle", Mr. Van McCoy. As part of this band, he traveled the U.S. and many parts of the world, performing on television and live concerts. After this, Funch returned to Washington and worked in hotels and other venues, including such places as Ford's Theatre ( playing in orchestras for pre-Broadway musicals).
For years he performed as bassist for music educator, gospel recording artist and actress, "Dr. Pearl Williams Jones", touring renowned college and university campuses throughout the U.S. (performing concerts, and music work shops). He has made his mark in all aspects of the musical performance industry; from touring with national and international stars and recording artists to studio musician, playing in-between the scenes music, for the hughely popular "Bill Cosby Show". He has composed and produced music for himself and others.
Most recently he has performed in Holland at WAKKER "The Home Of Jazz" and  Cruise engagements aboard, Cunard Queen Victoria, and Princess Cruises (Diamond Princess, Ruby Princess, Pacific Priness, and Grand Princess, Island Princess, Caribbean Princess), Also Crystal Cruises  as a guest performer.  Displaying his talents as a pianist and vocalist in lounges and show venues.  Also performing with orchestra in theatre and on show stages.   Funch can be found performing around the world  in major hotels, resorts, restaurants and cruise ships.
His most recent  album, "ALittle Night Music" vol 1 was released  in  2019.           

Writing and arranging songs for himself and others,
is always a work in progress.

Albums  Available for purchase:

"Funch A Little Night Music Vol. 1"
"Funch Farewell, So Long, Goodbye". 

To  Purchase CD's  Contact:

EXTRAORDINARY Musician/Entertainer!

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